UTC 2017 Timetable Session 1

You can download the timetable as a PDF document.

UTC Timetable 201730

Semester 1 Dates

Monday 27 February – Friday 16 June (lectures finish on 3 June)
Census Date: 24 March
Session Break: 3 April – 17 April
Exams: 5 June – 16 June

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Phone (+61 2) 8838 8914
Office Hours: 9 am – 5 pm (Mon – Fri)

Lecture Times

Morning 9:40am – 12:30pm
Afternoon 1:45pm – 4:35pm
Evening 6:30pm – 9:20pm

9:40am-12:30pmTHL203 - Paul and His Letters - J. AernieTHL131/THL410 - The Rise of Christianity to 600CE - D. PalmerTHL105/THL408 - Introduction to Old Testament Studies - A. Rees
9:40am-12:30pmTHL230/THL486 - Cross Cultural Ministry in Australia - F. MarinoTHL208 - Synoptic Gospels - J. Aernie
9:40am-12:30pmTHL519 - Contemporary Issues in Practical Theology - R. White
1:45pm-4:35pmTHL302 - New Testament Greek 3 - J. AernieTHL - 102/THL416 - Biblical Hebrew 1 - A. Rees
1:45pm-4:35pmTHL319/THL441 - Uniting Church Studies - D. Palmer
1:45pm-4:35pmTHL218/THL418 - Christian Ministry - R. White
1:45pm-4:35pmTHL545 - Classic Texts in Christian Theology - B. Myers
6:30pm-9:20pmTHL101/THL417 - New Testament Greek - J. AernieTHL511 - Contemporary Approaches to Biblical Studies - A. ReesTHL115/THL490 - Liturgical Theology - G. MooreTHL308 - The Prophetic Literature - A. Rees
6:30pm-9:20pmTHL514 - Hermeneutics - G. MooreTHL111/THL460 - Introduction to Christian Theology - B. MyersTHL316 - The Triune God - B. MyersTHL513 - Church History Methodology - P. Curthoys
6:30pm-9:20pmCOM120 - Reasoning and Writing - E. Macleod

Distance Subjects

THL230/THL486 Cross Cultural Ministry in Australia
THL319/THL441 Uniting Church Studies
THL411/THL511 Contemporary Approaches to Biblical Studies
THL415 Theology Hon Project/Dissertation
THL427 Theology Research Project
THL513 Church History Methodology
THL517 Advanced Biblical Exegesis
THL518 Studies in Liturgy and Worship
THL554 Christologies in Context
THL612 MHons Research Theo F/T
THL706 Dissertation Doctor of Ministry
MIN540/MIN740 Approaches to Enquiry in Ministry (MMin/DMin)
MIN742 DMin Literature Review
MIN743 Research Proposal in Ministry
MIN744 Doctoral Thesis in Min F/T
MIIN745 Doctoral Thesis in Min P/T

Research Subjects

Research subjects
THL341 Guided Research
THL415 Theol Hon Project/Dissertation
THL427 Theo Research Project
THL501 Independent Guided Reading
THL601 MHons (Theo) P/T
THL602 MHons (Theo) FT
THL612 MHons Research Theo F/T
THL701 Doctoral Research (Theo) P/T
THL701 Doctoral Research (Theo) P/T
THL702 Doctoral Research (Theo) FT
THL708 Doctoral Dissertation (Min) FT