5 Day Course in Port Macquarie| Intro to Old Testament Studies

Monday 14 – Friday 18 January 2019 | Venue: Port Macquarie Uniting Church
Introduction to Old Testament Studies

This subject introduces you to the foundations of Old Testament study.  While discussing the contents of the Hebrew Bible, you begin to use scholarly tools and critical methods enabling the readings and texts to speak into our world and contexts.  Together you will venture into the question of how this set of books was formed.

You will also see how the Old Testament works as a whole, yet also comprising collections texts.  You will have a chance to explore selected passages from the Pentateuch, the Prophets, Wisdom books and Psalms. Some areas uncovered are the genre of texts and their oral transmission, alongside their historical and geographical context.  One of the great surprises is the range of theological traditions and perspectives they carry.  There is so much to explore!

Who should do this course?
– People involved in aged-care services
– Ministerial roles lay or ordained
– On a pathway to chaplaincy – school, aged-care or hospitals
– Those exploring a sense of call to discipleship

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion students should be able to;
– demonstrate a working knowledge of the content of the Old Testament, and of its social, cultural and historical background
– have familiarity with key historical, literary, cultural and theological issues pertaining to the study of the Old Testament
– discuss, with critical awareness a range of texts from the Pentateuch, Prophets, Writings and Apocrypha
–  to demonstrate an understanding of interpretive issues concerning the relationship between the two Testaments in the Christian bible
– discuss the use of the Old Testament texts in the life of the contemporary Church
– to be able to engage in basis exegesis of Old Testament texts and to interact with primary biblical sources and secondary literature
– demonstrate self-guided learning, including research, writing and communication skills

The subject will cover the following topics:
– The contents of Old Testament books
– Scholarly methods of Old Testament studies
– The historical, cultural and geographical contexts of the Old Testament
– The diverse literary genres within the Old Testament, including Hebrew narrative, poetry and rhetoric
– Exegesis and interpretation of texts from the Pentateuch, Prophets, Writings and Apocrypha
– Old Testament theology and theological issues in the Old Testament
– Ethical issues arising from the study of the Old Testament

What is an Intensive Course?
Introduction to Old Testament Studies Subject Format
Semester 1 Intensive Course | 14 – 18 January, 2019
1) Face to face teaching Monday 14 – Friday 18 January at Port Macquarie Uniting Church.
2) Last date for receipt of assessments 18 April 2019

For further information and to be sent an application form please contact student admin support via [email protected] or phone 02 8838 8900.

Tell me more about the course
Information Flyer | HERE

Apply for a scholarship!
THL105/THL408 Introduction to Old Testament Studies is an identified scholarship subject with UTC in 2019.  For more information about our UCA scholarships please contact [email protected]

Cost of Study
If you are choosing to undertake this study for academic credit, you may be eligible for HECS help.  If you are doing this subject for interest only, the cost is $150. Full course fees and scholarship options can be discussed with the student administration team at UTC on 02 8838 8900.

How to Apply
Call student admin today on 02 8838 8900 to discuss your interest in this subject.  Our team will assist with your application and study options.

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