Ian Robinson’s Inaugural Lecture

Ian Robinson, the newly inducted Alan Walker Lecturer in Mission, Evangelism and Leadership, delivered the inaugural lecture for the 2016 academic year at United Theological College on February 22. The lecture, “Turning The Page: Biblical Paradigms in Evangelism”,… Read More

February Post Grad Newsletter

The first Post Grad Newsletter for 2015 is out and we welcome some new students and faculty alike. The newsletter also includes information on the Research Colloquiums set for the first half of the year (formally known as… Read More

Creation and Ecology Intensive November 2016

The next intensive being held at UTC in the Centre for Ministry North Parramatta is “Creation and Ecology” commencing 14th of November – 18th of November. This subject reflects on God as creator of heaven and earth, exploring critical questions… Read More

A learning community

Gerard Moore at UTC

Welcome to UTC, a place for academic depth, conversation and research. Gerard Moore, Dean of Academic Studies.

Community in Formation

Carolyn Thornley teaching

UTC fosters a community in which people are formed for life and ministry. Carolyn Thornley, Dean of Formation.

Partnering Together

UTC is part of the Uniting Learning Network, providing with the UME Resourcing Team a hub for action learning across the whole church. Duncan Macleod, Director Uniting Learning Network