Face to Face – relational theology with Marty Folsom

Marty Folsom, author of the relational theology trilogy Face to Face, will be visiting United Theological College, Wednesday October 19, 2016. This an excellent opportunity to gather with people interested in the connection between psychology and theology. We’ll… Read More

Makes You Wonder

Ian Robinson, university chaplain from Perth, will be spending two days with the college, Wednesday & Thursday September 9 and 10, sharing his work on “Makes You Wonder”, a collection of resources on sharing faith. Ian is known… Read More

Interfaith Dialogue THL 334

THL334 (Bachelor of Theology) is being taught at United Theological Studies in 2019 Session 1 or 3 History, beliefs, practices and thought of different religious traditions, examining Islam in depth.  Focus on principles of dialogue. If you have… Read More