Cross Cultural Ministry In Australia | Distance Subject

Cross Cultural Ministry In Australia a distance education subject

Have you thought about a distance education subject as a great way to explore your own personal growth or learning in 2018?

United Theological College will be offering Cross Cultural Ministry in Australia as a great distance education opportunity in 2018.

Presented and delivered by Fie Marino this course offers student and interested individuals the opportunity to achieve credit in THL230/THL486 as appropriate to their area of study.

Explore theological themes and practical skills relating to the practice of cross cultural ministry in the Australian context.

This subject will provide the opportunity to discuss issues relating to understanding and appreciating the challenges and opportunities which arise in multicultural and cross cultural ministry settings.

This subject is open to anyone who has a keen interest or who would like to deepen their knowledge of cross cultural ministries.

Please contact Renee or Jenny in Student Administration about enrolling into this subject by phoning (02) 8838 8914 or emailing us at [email protected]

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