Single Subjects

Single Subjects

Single subjects can be studied without enrolling in a degree or diploma program. Cost is $950

Bible Study Courses

COM120 Reasoning, Values and Communication (Thursday nights, Session 1)
A great entry point into studying and writing essays

Biblical Languages Subjects

THL101/417 New Testament Greek 1 (Monday nights, Session 1)
THL102/416 Biblical Hebrew 1 (Tuesday afternoons, Session 1)
New Testament Greek 3 (Monday afternoons, Session 1)
THL306 Biblical Hebrew 2 (Monday nights, Session 2)
THL204/443 New Testament Greek 2 (Tuesday mornings, Session 2)
THL241/457 Biblical Hebrew 2 (Monday nights, Session 2)

Biblical Studies Subjects

THL105/408 Intro to the Old Testament Studies (Thursday mornings, Session 1)
THL208 The Synoptic Gospels (Thursday mornings Session 1)
THL203 Paul and His Letters (Monday mornings Session 1)
THL308 The Prophetic Literature (Thursday evenings Session 1)
THL106/409 Introduction to New Testament Studies (Tuesday evenings, Session 2)
THL202 Old Testament History and Narrative (Monday afternoons, Session 2)
THL307 Johannine Literature (Thursday mornings, Session 2)

Church History Subjects

THL131/410 The Rise of Christianity to 600 CE (Tuesday mornings, Session 1)
THL319/441 Uniting Church Studies (Tuesday afternoons, Session 1)
THL132 European Reformations (Monday mornings Session 2)
THL231 Christianity in Australian Church History (Tuesday evenings Session 2)
THL513 Church History Methodology (Thursday evenings Session 1)
THL533 Philosophy of Religious History (Friday mornings, Session 2)

Practical Theology Subjects

THL115 Liturgical Theology (Wednesday nights, Session 1)
THL218/418 Christian Ministry (Tuesday afternoons, Session 1)
THL220 The Diaconate
THL230/486 Cross Cultural Ministry in Australia (Tuesday mornings, Session 1)
THL354 Youth, Culture and Mission (Intensive Feb 21-25)
THL120 Practical Theology (Wednesday nights, Session 2)
THL228 Pastoral Care (Tuesday afternoons, Session 2)
THL238/438 Mission, Evangelism & Apologetics (Thursday nights, Session 2)
THL320 Homiletics (Thursday afternoons, Session 2)
THL366 Christian Education (Tuesday mornings, Session 2)
THL519 Contemporary Issues in Practical Theology (Thursday mornings, Session 1)

Systematic Theology Subjects

THL111/460 Introduction to Christian Theology (Tuesday nights, Session 1)
THL316 The Triune God (Wednesday nights, Session 1)
THL334 Interfaith Dialogue (Cancelled)
THL113/461 Being The Church (Tuesday afternoons, Session 2)
THL215/407 Jesus The Christ (Thursday mornings, Session 2)
THL326 Theological Ethics (Monday afternoons, Session 2)

Theological Electives

THL225 Aboriginal Cultures and Spirituality
THL328 Reconciliation: The Theological-Political Nexus in Indigenous Public Policy (Online from November 2017)
THL341 Guided Research
THL361 Theology International Study Experience
THL242 New Religious Movements, Cults & Sects (Online, Session 2)
THL341 Guided Research
THL361 Theology International Study Experience
THL514 Hermeneutics, Session 1
THL518 Studies in Liturgy and Worship (Thursday nights, Session 2)
THL512 Contemporary Theology in a Global Context (Tuesday evenings, Session 2)
THL542 Political Theology (Online, Session 2)
THL545 Classic Texts in Christian Theology (Tuesday afternoons, Session 1)

Subject Enrolment Enquiry Session 2

Subject Enrolment Enquiry Session 2 - for fully paid or audit enrolments.