Face to Face – relational theology with Marty Folsom

Marty Folsom, author of the relational theology trilogy Face to Face, will be visiting United Theological College, Wednesday October 19, 2016. This an excellent opportunity to gather with people interested in the connection between psychology and theology. We’ll be hosting an afternoon conversation and an evening introduction to Marty’s latest book, Face To Face: Sharing God’s Life.

Marty Folsom, PhD is the Executive Director of the Pacific Association for Theological Studies (USA). He maintains a private Marriage and Family Counseling practice and teaches theology in the Seattle area. His theological interests are Relational Theology, Trinitarian Theology, Theological Anthropology, Theology and Therapy, Theology and the Arts, Karl Barth, John Macmurray, John Zizioulas, and Theologcal Education.

Marty has two books published in his Face-to-Face trilogy, Missing Love, Discovering Relational (Wipf & Stock, 2013, 2014) and his third book, Sharing God’s Life, is currently at the printer. He has published in CRUX (Regent College) and other journals.

He is the curator of Inscape Art Gallery in Redmond, Washington, operating since 2009, featuring Northwest artists. Marty resides in Snohomish Washington with his wife Cindy. They have a blended family of six children, and Cooper (Yellow Lab). For fun Marty buys books to add to his 14,000+ library, cooks for friends and family in an elegant style, tends five theme gardens, bicycles, hikes, canoes, and enjoys the Northwest.

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