Ian Robinson’s Inaugural Lecture

Ian Robinson, the newly inducted Alan Walker Lecturer in Mission, Evangelism and Leadership, delivered the inaugural lecture for the 2016 academic year at United Theological College on February 22. The lecture, “Turning The Page: Biblical Paradigms in Evangelism”, explores different paradigms found in John 3 (Jesus and Nicodemus) and John 4 (Jesus and a Samaritan woman). The paper provides an accessible biblical paradigm for changes that are taking place in mission strategies. Much evangelism that took place within a Christendom culture has been modelled on John 3, in its public form reaching its height in the 1950’s. To engage meaningfully with an unchurched culture the church needs to add a paradigm of evangelism modelled on John 4, equally biblical and less institutional.

Download the lecture as a pdf document: Turn The Page Ian Robinson

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