Intensives at UTC

Intensive | What are they?
United Theological College Intensives – are short, 5 day courses of learning.  These 5 day courses are an intense learning period of a subject which allows students to enjoy face to face teaching, with a selection of assignments to be completed in required time frames after the course.

To enrol in the subject or to audit (ie no assignments required) please contact Student Administration via phone (+61 2) 8838 8914 to discuss.

2019 UTC Intensives

Introduction to Old Testament Studies
Jan 14–18 2019 | THL105/THL408
Session 1, Intensive, Port Macquarie, Anthony Rees
A foundational introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) and to basic scholarly tools and critical methods used in Old Testament studies. The formation of texts and issues of oral and textual transmission, historical and geographical context, religion and culture, genre and canon, exegesis, interpretation and diverse theological perspectives are examined.

Cross Cultural Ministry In Australia
Jan 21-25, 2019 | THL230/THL486
Session 1, Intensive, Fie Marino
Cross Cultural Ministry in Australia is being offered as an
Intensive subject in Session 1. Explore theological themes
and practical skills relating to the practice of cross cultural
ministry in the Australian context. This subject will provide
the opportunity to discuss issues relating to understanding
and appreciating the challenges and opportunities which
arise in multicultural and cross cultural ministry settings.
It will also involve a field trip to one or two Uniting Church
congregations to explore first-hand what model(s) of cross
cultural ministry is at work there

The Diaconate 
Feb 11–15 2019 | THL220/THL426
Session 1, Intensive, Rhonda White
The order of deacon in the Christian church has undergone
great changes over the centuries. Students will examine
contemporary developments in this order of ministry in the
light of its history and the practice of the church.

Liturgical Theology
Jan 15-19, 2018       THL115 /  THL490
Session 1, Intensive, Gerard Moore
Liturgical Theolgy in Australia is being offered as an Intensive subject in Session 1. History and practice of worship across a variety of Christian traditions including contemporary and blended worship. The subject centres on the effects and interrelationships of rites, symbols, words, music, gesture and space in facilitating worship. Key issues include liturgical forms, symbol, language, music, architecture and mission. In the context of human ritual activity, the importance of worship in the formation of Christian identity is analysed.

Introduction to New Testament Studies
July 8–12 2019 | THL106/THL409
Session 2, Intensive, Port Macquarie
Introduces the various writings that comprise the New Testament, with reference to their historical context and their literary and theological features. It also introduces critical methods of New Testament interpretation, including basic exegetical skills. Attention is given to long-standing interpretive issues, including the relations between the
gospels, the historical value of Acts, authenticity and pseudonymity in Paul, and apocalyptic literature.

Interfaith Dialogue 
Nov 2019 | THL334
Session 3, Intensive, TBC
In the context of increasing religious plurality in Australia, this subject introduces students to the principles of interfaith dialogue and also allows for dialogue between different religious traditions. It examines how such dialogue may, from a Christian perspective, assist with the building of tolerance and understanding of religious traditions other than Christianity. In order to promote students’ capacity to engage in interfaith dialogue, the subject examines one religious tradition, namely Islam, in depth. The subject explores the history, beliefs, practices and thought of Islam, as well as key issues arising from the historic relationships between Christianity and Islam.