Intensives at UTC

Intensive | What are they?
United Theological College Intensives – are short, 5 day courses of learning.  These 5 day courses are an intense learning period of a subject which allows students to enjoy face to face teaching, with a selection of assignments to be completed in required time frames after the course.

2018 UTC Intensives

Creation & Ecology | THL 211
Monday 12 – Friday 16 November
Session 2, Intensive, Rev Dr Jason John
This subject, reflecting on God as creator of heaven and earth, explores critical questions about the church’s ecological responsibilities in today’s changing world.
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Practical Theology | THL 120
July 16-20, 2018
Session 2, Intensive, Rev Dr Rhonda White
Uniting Church, Port Macquarie – Cnr Oxley Highway & Sherwood Road
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Liturgical Theology
Jan 15-19, 2018       THL115 /  THL490
Session 1, Intensive, Gerard Moore
Liturgical Theolgy in Australia is being offered as an Intensive subject in Session 1.
History and practice of worship across a variety of Christian traditions including contemporary and blended worship. The subject centres on the effects and interrelationships of rites, symbols, words, music, gesture and space in facilitating worship.
Key issues include liturgical forms, symbol, language, music, architecture and mission. In the context of human ritual activity, the importance of worship in the formation of Christian identity is analysed.
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