July Research Colloquium

The next Research Colloquium is being held this Friday 27 July stating at 1.30pm in G3. The program is as follows:


Time Presenter Presentation Type Title
1.30pm – 2.15pm Louise Gosbell Guest Presentation “Sensory Criticism and the Fourth Gospel”
2.15pm – 3.00pm John Brunton PhD Presentation “The Biblical Ideal for Planning”


Louise Gosbell                  Sensory Criticism and the Fourth Gospel

In the last decade, scholarly interest in the role and representation of the body and the nature of the body in ancient texts has increased. This interest in the body has also included a growing interest in the role of the senses and what sensory language can tell us about ancient expectations of the body. The field of cultural anthropology has been influential in the development of sensory studies as it has encouraged scholars of ancient texts to consider ways different cultures use and interpret sensory experience. This paper serves as an introduction to the growing field of sensory studies and the benefits of applying the methods of sensory criticism to the biblical texts, in particular, the Fourth Gospel.


John Brunton                     The Biblical Ideal for Planning

Previously I have presented the results of my research into the depiction of places within the biblical texts. It identified the characteristics of places as they developed and changed. This research is leading to the formulation of an integrated theological framework for the process of transforming places. The current research is examining what the biblical record reveals about the process for places being transformed, both ideally and practically. Mostly the biblical accounts do not explicitly describe this sometimes gradual and lengthy process. This presentation examines the wisdom provided by the book of Proverbs for leaders undertaking planning, specifically as expressed in Proverbs 16.

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