Keps ready for Semester Start at United Theological College

For many years Keps thought about his future in the church and in what way he would be of service.

When Kepueli Vaka, known as Keps to his mates, walked into United Theological College for the 2018 Open Day (on Monday 19 February), he knew that this was to be the start of another great year of learning and personal development.

For many years Keps thought about his future in the church and in what way he would be of service.

With a family involved in ministry here in Australia, as well as in Tonga, he was not sure if this was the path he knew he would take, or something that perhaps was expected of him through his family connections.

“For many years, I thought about the history of my family in the church…and in recent years I felt that I had matured and now I really understand what Christ has called in me, and what service I can now provide in Christ,” said Keps.

“When I decided to study, I chose UTC (United Theological College) because of what it stands for… its multiculturalism and inclusiveness, with the hope of breaking down barriers and building bridges..reflecting the central universality of the Gospel of Christ.

“Being a young Australian, I wanted to use my Tongan culture as well … and this is a perfect place for me to come and learn where I can could integrate the two cultures together… and (also) the majority of my ministry is going to be here in Australia, so I wanted to study here in Australia…which is why I am here at UTC.

Keps is excited about the opportunities that UTC and the Uniting Church have enabled, for him to be able to combine his passion for learning (Bachelor of Theology) with those of his passions for pastoral care, culture and music.

“In particular, music is a really big tool for me. As the next generation of the church, I feel that music is really important in ministry. I firmly believe that what we hear through the ear, can be felt in the heart…”

Keps looks forward to combining all of his passions in faith, being of service to Christ, and starting his academic and formation programme for 2018 Semester with United Theological College and fellow students this week.

“There is a nervousness about stepping into the unknown what the new year brings, but there is excitement about the faith we have in Christ, in leading the journey of the year ahead and beyond.”

Keps has been studying a Bachelor of Theology at United Theological College, which is part of Charles Sturt University School of Theology, since second Semester 2016.

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