Makes You Wonder

Ian Robinson, university chaplain from Perth, will be spending two days with the college, Wednesday & Thursday September 9 and 10, sharing his work on “Makes You Wonder”, a collection of resources on sharing faith. Ian is known for his work on “Gossiping the Gospel”, developed while he was Evangelism consultant with the NSW/ACT Synod back in the 1990s. “Makes You Wonder” is designed to help Christians find their own voice for sharing the faith they actually have in the worlds in which they live and move and have their being.

Join the Makes You Wonder training workshop with Ian Robinson on Wednesday September 9 and Thursday September 10.

Makes You Wonder Collection

Makes You Wonder is a collection of resources designed for Christians to grow in their capacity to share faith, as well as a set of workshops exploring faith.

  1. My Story – exploring our authentic faith, hospitality, respect and gentleness
  2. Your Story – where we see God at work in others’ lives
  3. Our Story – an introduction to Christian community, spirituality
  4. The Story – what is the significance of Jesus?
  5. Resources – for leaders using this material
  6. Wonder Workshops – seven discovery-based open conversation starters suitable for small groups of people. Each has five or six sessions.
  7. Purple Cow Workshops – Exercises and Bible studies on bite-sized topics, each five or six sessions, designed to help Christians share their faith


Makes You Wonder – A Taster
Wednesday September 9, 9.30 am to 11.30 am
Followed by the option of staying for worship and lunch, 11.30 – 1 pm
Cost is $25 for the morning (ticketed via Eventbrite) and $10 for lunch (pay on the day).

Train the Trainer Day
Thursday September 10
9.30 to 3 pm

Cost is $60 which includes lunch and morning and afternoon tea. (ticketed via Eventbrite)

About Ian Robinson

Ian Robinson has a calling to help Christians to find fresh ways to be witnesses, disciples and church. He is known to be someone who gives honour to God. He has a capacity to identify the strengths in persons and programmes, think them through biblically, make them understandable to others, pass on the story and inspire action. He is skilled in empowering people, building networks and innovation in ministry, such as:

Ian has established (working with others) several ministry groups, including Tall Trees ReSource, Spirit Journeys Australia, the Australian Research Institute for Desert Spirituality, Southcare, Help Street Foundation, Stolen Generations Alliance WA, and (within the WA Uniting Synod) PNEUMA (Pastoral Network of Evangelicals Uniting in Mission Action). Ian has led 40 pilgrimage journeys in the Australian deserts (Spirit Journeys) and the Holy Land. He has authored several works, including Gossiping the Gospel, now revised as Makes You Wonder; Streams in the Wasteland (ed), Stop Look and Listen, This Thirsty Heart, New Beginnings, Growing and Everyday Faith (ed), If Anyone Thirsts (forthcoming with Mosaic), Praying the Gospels (3 vols), and most recently Burning Hope – a progressive evangelical road to renewal.

Ian is now part-time Uniting Church Chaplain at the University of Western Australia, involved in inter-faith action, apologetics, systemic change and pastoral care. He moderates Max Doubt and several other websites for mission and evangelism. He has held many ministry roles in church and community, inlcuding church planter, evangelism consultant, senior pastor, executive officer. Ian’s academic degrees are: Doctor of Philosophy (CSU), Master of Arts (Oxon), Bachelor of Arts (UWA). Yep, he’s a reverend doctor!
Also Check out Ian’s website

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