September Research Colloquium

Kwang Min Kim

The next Research Colloquium is scheduled for this Friday 16th September starting at 1.30pm in G4. The list of presenters are as follows:

1.30pm – 2.15pm Kwang (Kevin) Min Kim PhD Research Presentation Australian Biblical Criticism and Asian-Australian Biblical Criticism
2.15pm – 3.00pm Brian McKinlay PhD Research Proposal Presentation Conflict and unity in Rowan Williams’s theology of church
3.00pm – 3.45pm Gaby Kobrossi DMin Research Presentation TBA

Kwang (Kevin) Min Kim Kwang Min Kim
Australian Biblical Criticism and Asian-Australian Biblical Criticism
Australia has produced a number of well-known biblical scholars over many decades. It is not difficult to spot Australian biblical scholars in new academic publications on biblical studies. On the other hand, it seems Asian-Australian biblical criticism has not yet established a sufficient academic foundation to be recognized in its own right as a form of biblical criticism.
In this paper, I shall first examine Australian biblical criticism from the works of four Australian scholars: Norman Habel, Anne Elvey, Elain Wainwright, and Roland Boer. Secondly, I shall investigate Asian-Australian biblical criticism from the works of two Asian-Australian scholars: Jonathan Y. Tan and Ranjini Rebera. Thirdly, I shall compare the works of these two different group of scholars to discover what they can learn from each other. As a result of my investigations I shall suggest further areas for research in Asian-Australian biblical studies and reflect on how and where to locate my jeong reading among the current Asian-Australian biblical studies.

Brian McKinlay Conflict and unity in Rowan Williams’s theology of church
The Church has known tension between identity and difference since its beginnings, with frequent disagreement and conflict. The motivation for this research is the question: How is conflict in the church to be understood theologically? A study is proposed of the work of Rowan Williams in response to that question. His concept is that conflict and difference are constitutive of the Church’s unity, theologically and historically. The research will examine the intellectual environment in which Williams has generated his complex ideas about conflict and unity in the church, formulate a synthesis of his ecclesial vision, engage with criticisms and alternative proposals, and consider some implications of Williams’s concept for the theology of church and its role in the wider society.

Gaby Kobrossi
Gabi (400x570)
Title TBA

HDR Students are reminded that their participation in the Research Colloquiums is a critical component of their candidature and that apologies should be sent to Joanne Stokes at [email protected]

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