Leadership Team

Gerard Moore (Academic Dean)
Christine Sorensen (Dean of Formation)
Duncan Macleod (Director Uniting Learning Network)


Jeffrey W. Aernie (New Testament)
Duncan Macleod (Director Uniting Learning Network)
Gerard Moore (Practical Theology)
Ian Robinson (Alan Walker Lecturer Evangelism, Mission and Leadership)
Christine Sorensen (Formation for Ministry)
Anthony Rees (Old Testament)
Rhonda White (Practical Theology)

Admin Staff

Charmaine Plane (College Secretary)
Jenny Stockton (Student Admin)
Renee Kelly (Student Admin)
Joanne Stokes (Course Administration Officer)

Sessional Lecturers

Mark Hillis (Christian Education)
Damian Palmer (Church History & Uniting Church Studies)
Chris Budden (Reconciliation)
Sef Carroll (Interfaith)
Fie Marino (Cross Cultural)
Ennis Macleod (Learning)
Duncan Macleod (Homiletics)
Patricia Curthoys (Church History)
Jason John (Ecology)
Peter Kaldor (Leadership)
Ennis Macleod (Reasoning, Values & Communication)
Margaret Mayman (Theological Ethics)
Miriam Pepper (Research Methods, Ecology)
Matthew Wilson (New Testament) 
Chris Walker
(Systematic Theology)
John Frauenfelder (Systematic Theology)

Resourcing Team

Consulting, training, research and resource development
Alison Bleyerveen, Mission Resourcing
Anne Empson, Schools Ministry
Bradon French, Next Gen Ministry
Jason John, Uniting Earth Ministry
Raymond Joso, Mission Initiatives
Peter Kaldor, Leadership Development
Sue Kaldor, Leadership Development
Emma Parr, Religious Education & Safe Church
Fie Marino, Multicultural Ministry
Duncan Macleod, Uniting Learning Network Director
Bronwyn Murphy, Lay Education & Rural Ministry
Jessica Morthorpe, Uniting Earth Ministry
Mark Faulkner, Director of Rural and Remote Ministry Initiatives