Ben Myers lecturing at Centre for Ministry Sydney

Ben Myers

BA (Hons), PhD
Lecturer in Systematic Theology
Phone: 0412 442 703
Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @FaithTheology

Before coming to UTC, Ben was a research fellow in intellectual history at the University of Queensland. His teaching and research focus on systematic theology, but he also has wide interests in literature, the history of political thought, and contemporary culture. He has been a fellow of the Center for Theological Inquiry in Princeton and a visiting scholar at Fuller Seminary.

Ben is a member of the Uniting Church’s national Working Group on Doctrine, and he discusses theology, books, and culture on his blog, Faith and Theology.

Research interests

Theology and literature; early Christian thought; seventeenth-century English literature; Karl Barth; Dietrich Bonhoeffer; John Milton; contemporary theology.



Articles and Chapters

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