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Postgrad Students

Post Grad Newsletter – July 2017

The new session is underway and we welcome those HDR students who are starting their studies with us this semester.

Research Colloquium – Dates for 2017

The start time for the Colloquiums is 1:30pm unless otherwise advised.  The room is G3.

Semester 2: 21 July, 11 Aug, 15 Sept, 13 Oct, 3 Nov


21 July – Sam Amosa, John Brunton, Michael Earl and Aref Chaker

11 Aug – Clive Pearson, Brian McKinlay and Elizabeth De Reland

15 Sept – Ian Robinson, Kamaloni Tu’iono, Gaby Kobrossi and Iman Zayied

13 Oct – Christine Sorensen, Sadeq Ansari, Emre Celik and Leila Khaled

3 Nov – Martin Teulan, Jason Kioa, Dania Akbik and Mohammad Zuberali

10 Nov – Keith Hamilton, Grahame Rosolen and Stephen Choi

Please remember that attendance at the Research Colloquiums is a critical component of a HDR students’ candidature and that every effort should be made to attend.  Apologies should be sent to me at [email protected]

Workshops from the Research Office

To register for any of these online workshops, please go to the Research Office website which can be found here:

15th Aug 2017 Online
My Research Career, Module 4 – The publication process
All CSU researchers, including HDR Candidates and research support staff members
16th Aug 2017 Online Presenting Research Metrics for Grants and Promotion All CSU researchers, including HDR Candidates and research support staff members
16th Aug 2017 Online Introduction to Research Application and Administration All CSU researchers
17th Aug 2017 Online Supervisor Training – Module 4 – Monitoring student progress and guiding them through professional development HDR Supervisors
22nd Aug 2017 Online My Research Career, Module 5 – Funding, Grant writing All CSU researchers, including HDR Candidates and research support staff members
24th Aug 2017 Online Supervisor Training – Module 5 – Guiding students through thesis development and the examination process CSU academic staff who wish to register as a HDR Supervisor at CSU or learn about supervising HDR candidates at CSU
29th Aug 2017  Online
My Research Career, Module 6 – Working with collaborators
All CSU researchers, including HDR Candidates and research support staff members

BBI National Religious Education Symposium on Secularisation

Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush

27-28 July, 2017

BBI is hosting a national Symposium that explores the relationship between secularisation and religious education in Catholic schools.

religious education is a critical aspect of Catholic identity and as such needs to be both attuned and responsive to our social context.  Pope Francis has spoken about this time as a change of era.  In light of this, the symposium is aimed at exploring the implication of changes in the wider culture for religious education in Australian Catholic schools.

For registration details and key note speakers please visit the website

Harvest Research Conference

Harvest Bible College, Scoresby VIC 24 & 25 August, 2017
The Holy Spirit and a Post-Modern World
Harvest Bible College is excited to announce our seventh annual research conference. This year we will explore the work of the Holy Spirit and ministry in a world that is frequently confused about, or resistant to, Christian mission.

Professor Yong will give two keynote addresses around the conference theme. Then a number of scholars (postgraduate students and lecturers from Harvest and other colleges and ministers) will present papers during both days of the conference. These papers will address topics linked to these areas:

  • The Holy Spirit and ministry or mission
  • Ministry and mission in a changing and even hostile world
  • The changing nature of Pentecostalism
  • Religious tensions in today’s world

Fort further information including registration, please visit:

Horizons of Contextuality  Symposium

Pilgrim Theological College, Parkville VIC

22nd September 2017

Presenters (including past UTC Faculty) will reflect on the past, present and future of contextual hermeneutics and theologies, around several focus areas:

Sathianathan Clarke (world Christianity)

Clive Pearson (world religions)

Mark Brett (biblical studies)

Anne Elvey (climate change)

Ji Zhang (Christology)

Ken Sumner and Chris Budden (First peoples)

Chris Budden (hearing First peoples)

Trace Spencer (tbc)

Seforosa Carroll (reimagining home)

Anita Monro (femininity/ism)

Rod Pattenden (masculinity/ism)

Stephen Burns (traditionalism)

Monica J. Melanchthon (caste-ism)

Emmanuel Nathan (disbility)

John Flett (multiculturalism)

The symposium is open to the public and a video link will be available of our of area participation.  More details on here soon.

Australasian Centre for Wesleyan Research

Wellington, New Zealand

2-3 October, 2017

“Global Wesleyanism”

The Australasian Centre for Wesleyan Research promotes and supports research on the life, work and times of John and Charles Wesley, their historical and theological antecedents, their successors in the Wesleyan tradition, and contemporary scholarship in the Wesleyan tradition.  This includes areas such as theology, biblical studies, history, education, ethics, literature, mission, cultural studies, philosophy, pastoral studies, worship, preaching, practical theology, and social theology.

The Eighth ACWR conference going to be held in New Zealand with Keynote Speaker Dr. Richard Waugh.  For further information about the conference, please visit the website ACWR Events or contact Dr Dean Smith on [email protected]

Receptive Ecumenism Conference

University House, Australian National University, Canberra

6-9 November 2017

“Leaning into the Spirit: discernment, decision-making and reception”

The Centre for Ecumenical Studies as part of the Austalian Centre for Christianity and Culture (CSU), together with The Australian Catholic University’s Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry and the Research Centre for Public and Contextual Theology (CSU) are co-ordinating the 4th International Conference on Receptive Ecumenism titled “Leaning into the Spirit: discernment, decision-making and reception”.  For full details about the conference including speakers, programme, accommodation options and more see the conference website Registration & Programme

Positions Vacant

St Barnabas College, Adelaide – Vice Principal Full Time

The Vice Principal of St Barnabas College is a research-active scholar and theological educator who supports and works closely with the Principal in strategic leadership of the College community, with a particular responsibility for oversight of all CSU academic matters, including representation of the College on University committees. It is expected that across the academic year, time will be allocated to research (0.3), teaching (0.3), and management (0.4).

St Barnabas College is distinctive among Anglican theological colleges in both its very close integration with the life and mission of the Diocese and Province, and with its strong commitment to the rich diversity of Anglicanism and the wider Christian Church. Lecturers have come not only from a range of Anglican traditions, but also from Baptist, Uniting, Pentecostal, Salvation Army, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Churches of Christ. The Vice Principal will play a key role in ensuring all learning at the College is undertaken in respectful conversation, with open and critical inquiry encouraged and modelled.

For further information on the Position Description and College, please contact The Principal at [email protected] or +61 (0)8 8305 9380. Applications close 5pm Monday 24th July 2017.