Being The Church

Being The Church

Being The Church THL113 (Bachelor of Theology) and THL461 (Graduate Diploma of Theology) is being taught at United Theological College in 2018.

The subject is an identified scholarship subject with UTC in 2018.  For more information about our UCA scholarships please contact [email protected]

This subject studies the origins of the Christian church and biblical models for being the people of God. It examines the theological basis for the life, mission and ministry of the church, and ways in which the church sustains its mission in the twenty-first century. Traditional marks of the church as ‘one, holy, catholic and apostolic’ are discussed. Contemporary critiques of the church are considered, as are challenges to being church in a pluralist society. The unity and diversity of the church in an ecumenical context is explored.

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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:

  • be able to demonstrate knowledge of the origins of the Christian church in scripture and history
  • be able to discuss the theology of the church, its life, mission and ministry
  • be able to reflect critically on contemporary ecclesiology
  • be able to give an account of the identity and marks of the church
  • be able to engage critically with contemporary internal and external critiques of the church
  • be able to discuss the value and limits of unity in diversity within the church
  • be able to demonstrate self-guided learning, including research, writing and communication skills


The subject will cover the following topics:

  • Israel as the people of God
  • the church according to the New Testament
  • the relation between Israel, Jesus and the church
  • types of church in history, belief and practice
  • the church and the kingdom of God
  • the church in the power of the Spirit
  • the mission of the church
  • the ministry of the church, lay and ordained
  • sustaining the life of the church through worship, prayer and sacraments and other Christian practices
  • the nature and exercise of authority; gifts and charisms in the church
  • contemporary internal and external critiques of the church
  • ecclesial identity in an ecumenical context; unity in diversity