UTC celebrates Foundation Day

At United Theological College we took the opportunity to turn our students and staff morning tea into a celebration of Charles Sturt University (CSU) Foundation Day and went a little “red crazy”.

As a proud member of the Charles Sturt University – School of Theology, we have joined our colleagues across the country that are celebrating the Foundation of CSU tomorrow.  Whilst a day early with our celebrations…we loved taking the opportunity to eat yummy red items and wear red for the day!

>> Below, is courtesy of Charles Sturt University | csu.edu.au/go/foundationday

Wear red to #celebratecsu
Foundation Day celebrates our past, who we are and where we are going. We’re proud of our past and present students, alumni, staff and our community. We celebrate the people who make up our community and our commitment to the public good.

Why we celebrate Foundation Day
Foundation Day is about uniting the CSU community and having a sense of belonging. We encourage you to be proud of being part of our University. The day gives us the chance to engage with our communities. We tell our communities of our ongoing value, commitment to them and what we do. It is also an opportunity to have fun and promote worthwhile causes. You can donate to CSUgive, to give financial support to the next generation of CSU students.

When we celebrate Foundation Day
We celebrate Foundation Day on the Wednesday of the week of 19 July each year. This marks the establishment of the University on 19 July 1989, when the Charles Sturt University Act (Act no. 76, 1989) was signed.

Read more at www.csu.edu.au/go/foundationday

Below: Far right, UTC Head of School, Professor Gerard Moore welcomes, thanks and says a words words in celebration of the relationship between United Theological College, Charles Sturt University and its Foundation Day celebrations.


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