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UTC Values

At United Theological College we seek to honour what we have received from the past. We are deeply committed to the lines of continuity of those who have gone before us in faith. Our courses reflect that desire to stand inside the catholic, evangelical and reformed traditions of the Christian faith. We also seek to be open to the future, and we believe good theology is necessary for our own time. We have developed an array of newer subjects that seek to respond to how we are called to be Christians in our own unique historical moment.

UTC provides diverse and creative modes of teaching within a varied curriculum. Traditional core areas of theological and ministerial studies are combined with multicultural and “cutting edge” approaches. Students are encouraged to integrate their studies and make connections with non-theological disciplines.

At UTC, we strive to be:

  1. A Community of Worship and Service. The College fosters devotion and common prayer, the regular celebration of Eucharist, appreciation of all gifts of service, and hospitality to the range of authentic styles of worship and spirituality that are found throughout the Uniting Church in Australia.
  2. An Academic Community. The UTC faculty is committed to excellence in research and teaching, cross-disciplinary collaboration, recognition of diverse learning styles, and attentiveness to cultural needs and individual differences. We are also committed to fostering a vibrant, creative and intellectually disciplined postgraduate community.
  3. A Community of Personal and Spiritual Formation. UTC recognises that every member of the College is in a process of lifelong formation. We are committed to the pastoral care and spiritual formation of all members of the student body, and we work in collaboration with presbyteries in the formation of candidates for ministry. We understand theological education as our service and responsibility to the wider church.

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