2019 May Macleod Lecture | Thursday 27 June

2019 May MacLeod Lecture at United Theological College will take place on
Thursday 27 June 2019 with 6.30pm Canapés, 7pm Lecture followed by a light supper at the Centre for Ministry, 16 Masons Drive North Parramatta.

Everyone is welcome. A free event. RSVP today – JOIN US.

The Guest Lecturer: Prof. David Clough
TOPIC: Eating More Peaceably: The Christian Ethics of Eating Animals

Killing animals has always been an uncomfortable necessity in the context of the original vegan diet specified for humans in Genesis 1 and a Christian vision of an inbreaking Messianic reign of God, the first fruits of which are depicted in Isaiah 11 as peace between humans and other animals. The key defence of the practice in the Christian tradition has been the new permission given to Noah in Genesis 9, often interpreted as allowing the human killing of animals for food when necessary, but disallowing unnecessary cruelty towards animals. In this lecture, David Clough revisits these arguments in the light of the modern context in which eating animals is unnecessary for most Christians and modern industrial animal agriculture imposes radically impoverished lives on farmed animals. In particular, he asks what a Christian understanding of our relationship with other animals means for the ethics of eating them today.

David Clough is Professor of Theological Ethics at the University of Chester and has just finished a term as President of the Society for the Study of Christian Ethics. He co-wrote Faith and Force: A Christian Debate about War (2007), debating just war and pacifism in a 21st century context, and has recently completed the landmark two-volume monograph On Animals (2012, 2018), on the place of animals in Christian theology and ethics.

David is the founder of CreatureKind (www.becreaturekind.org), a project aiming to engage Christians with farmed animal welfare, and Principal Investigator for a three-year UK Research Council funded project on the Christian Ethics of Farmed Animal Welfare in partnership with major UK churches and Compassion in World Farming.

David is a Methodist lay preacher and has represented the Methodist Church on national ecumenical working groups on the ethics of warfare and climate change.

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