2020 Research Colloquium

UTC Research Colloquium Semester 1, 2020

Please join us at the United Theological College/ Charles Sturt University (16 Masons Drive, North Parramatta) on the following Fridays from 1.30pm – 4pm.

Friday 6th March

➢ Assoc. Prof Jeffrey Aernie (CSU), ‘What Should We Say about Abraham? Another Look at the Translation and Impact of Rom 4:1’

➢ Dr Michele Connolly (Catholic Institute of Sydney), ‘The Gospel of Mark: How Does it Sound in the Ears of Christian Women of the Pacific?’

➢ Sam Amosa (CSU), ‘Rebuilding the Foundations’
(Followed by the May MacLeod lecture at 6.30pm, delivered by Prof John Swinton)

Friday 3rd April

A research colloquium on theology and disability with reference to Prof Brian Brock’s Wonderously Wounded (Baylor University Press, 2019). Presentations by ➢ Dr Louise Gosbell (Mary Andrews College)

➢ Dr Damian Palmer (CSU) ➢ Dr Emmanuel Nathan (Catholic University)

➢ Response by Prof Brian Brock (University of Aberdeen)
(To purchase a copy of the book in advance please contact mmawson@csu.edu.au).

Friday 1st May

➢ Brian Kolia (University of Divinity), ‘Attitudes towards Leadership in Qohelet: A Diasporic Reckoning?’

➢ Charles Tupu (CSU), ‘Avanoa mo se mata’upu silisili fa’alauaitele (Making Space for a Public Theology)’

➢ Maina Talia (CSU), ‘Creating Space for Your Tuakoi (neighbour)’

Friday 5th June

➢ Prof Sathianathan Clarke (Wesley Theological Seminary), ‘Alternative Theological Approaches for World Christianity in our Post-postcolonial Times’

➢ Tim McLaughlin (CSU), ‘Religious Conversion amongst Modern Protestant Australians’

➢ John Brunton (CSU), ‘Is your Vocation a “Calling”, and Do our Beliefs Influence How You Practise your Vocation?’

➢ Dr Ockert Meyer (CSU), ‘Truth and Reality in an Era of Fake News: Jewish Lessons for Christian Preaching.’

For more information please contact Mike Mawson mmawson@csu.edu.au

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