Appointment of Rev. Dr Ockert Meyer

United Theological College is delighted to announce the appointment of Rev Dr Ockert Meyer as Lecturer in Preaching, Worship and Theology.

Rev. Dr Ockert is a Uniting Church Minister with extensive congregational experience in South Africa, the Netherlands, and Australia, and he completed his doctoral studies at Stellenbosch and Leiden Universities.

Ockert’s great love, and the focus of his research and teaching in recent years, is the art of preaching. He has spent years holding together in his ministry both pulpit and classroom – preaching and teaching homiletics in concert.

UTC Principal Peter Walker says of his appointment: “Ockert is one of the finest preachers in the Uniting Church, and one of its finest theological minds. Every student, and all preachers seeking to refresh their love for preaching, will be enriched by his presence at the College”.

Rev. Dr Meyer will join UTC in February 2020.

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