What is Auditing? And could it be for you?

We like to describe ‘auditing’ as the opportunity to experience and learn about a subject without the pressure to complete or submit any assessment tasks or receive academic credit.

Auditing is a great option for many individuals at United Theological College.

Some individuals wish to explore learning in theology without the need for any academic credit – ie they do not wish to pursue a degree as a result of the study.

Some people attend, in order to broaden their knowledge on a subject – or simply if the subject is an area of interest in their daily lives.

And some people start with an auditing subject to see if their life style would allow them the time and opportunity to start a more formal degree – in other words – a little ‘study taste tester!’

And the BONUS – single auditing subjects cost only $150 per subject.

AUDITING Application forms – UTC Audit Enrolment Form 2019

Speak to one of our friendly UTC Student Admin team today about Auditing and why it could be a great option for your studies.

Renee Kelly at UTC