August Research Colloquium

The next Research Colloquium is being held this Friday 23 August starting at 1.30pm in G3. The program is as follows:

Time Presenter Presentation Type Title
1.30pm –
Jonathan Cole Guest Presenter (Centre for
Public and Contextual Theology)
liberalism: A
2.15pm –
Ian Robinson Faculty
“Are We
Reading this
3.00pm –
John Brunton PhD Presentation “Formulation of a
Framework To Be Applied to
the Planning

Jonathan Cole      “Oliver O’Donovan’s Christian liberalism: A Critical Appraisal”

Ian Robinson         “Are We Reading this Right?”

Abstract: The church is often accused of becoming “too much like business” and its leaders are often told that “what we need is real leadership.” Both statements are obscure, but point to a feeling that something in the system is wrong. However, theories of church leadership commonly use analogies from business, education, and the military to teach about the kingdom of God. This paper sketches some starting points for understanding the place of analogies in the hermeneutics of cross-sector studies, and will provide some modern parables as creative examples. It focuses especially on insights from sectors that have engaged with the need for a “turnaround” in light of a crises.

John Brunton           “Formulation of a Theological Framework To Be Applied to the Planning Process”

Abstract: Effectively planning for growth and change in cities is one of the most significant challenges for contemporary societies. This research examines how planning for the transformation of places has the potential to produce superior outcomes for communities if it is undertaken within a theological framework. Examination of the biblical depiction of places has identified eight characteristics or qualities that contribute to the creation of good places where people will flourish and the wellbeing of the community is optimised, for the common good. This presentation outlines how the theological framework was formulated by marrying the biblical qualities to the five dimensions of a place.

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