S Andrew's Chapel, UTC Sydney

St Andrew’s Chapel

The Centre for Ministry community gathers for worship regularly through the week in St Andrew’s Chapel.

On most days, the teaching day begins with a ten minute devotional service. The chapel is also used for special occasions such as commissioning and fare-welling staff, the beginning and end of each academic year.

The rhythm between thought and prayer, the passage from classroom to chapel and back again, lies at the heart of theological education. It is fundamental that we should learn “to think prayerfully and to pray thoughtfully” (D Saliers). Worship is the point at which our education becomes truly theological.

Rosters for the leadership of daily services and communion services are drawn up at the start of each semester. Responsibility for leading worship is thus shared among all members of United Theological College, ordained and lay, faculty and students.

A resource booklet offers guidelines for worship in the centre. Musicians are drawn from the people of the Centre, and a roster of such people is drawn up to provide musical leadership in worship. Those involved in the leadership of worship are encouraged to explore creative experimentation within the framework of the ordered structuring of worship.

St Andrews Chapel is located on campus at The Centre for Ministry, 16 Masons Drive North Parramatta.  On site with Uniting Mission & Education, United Theological College, and Camden Theological Library.