Liturgical Theology | Subject | 5 Day Course

Liturgical Theology | 5 Day Course

From Monday 15 January – Friday 19 January United Theological College will be offering its first intensive five day course for 2018.

An intensive course, is a full subject offered by UTC, built into an ‘intensive’ 5 day format of learning, discussion, and exploration, rather than a usual semester long format for the subject.

Presented and delivered by Professor Gerard Moore this five day course offers students and interested individuals the opportunity to achieve credit in THL115 /THL490 as appropriate to their area of study.

History and practice of worship across a variety of Christian traditions including contemporary and blended worship.

The subject centres on the effects and interrelationships of rites, symbols, words, music, gesture and space in facilitating worship.

All studied in the the context of human ritual activity, the importance of worship in the formation of Christian identity is analysed.

This subject is open to anyone who has a keen interest or who would like to deepen their theological knowledge.

Want to understand more?  Watch our video on Liturgical Theology with Gerard Moore

You can choose to AUDIT this subject – which means participating in the 5 day intensive discussion and field trips, however not completing any assessments, or you can apply to study in a Theology course or as a Single Subject Student with Charles Sturt University and have this completed officially.

Please contact Renee or Jenny in Student Administration about enrolling into this subject by phoning (02) 8838 8914 or emailing us at

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