Intensive 5 Day Course | Practical Theology

UTC Intensive Course | Practical Theology
Dates: Monday 9 – Friday 13 July 2018
Venue: Port Macquarie Uniting Church

Sign up for one of the most “practice based” subjects in theology.

This subject introduces individuals to the discipline of practical theology in which theory and practice are considered together across a range of ministry, such as mission, worship, pastoral care and social justice.
Students will develop an understanding of what is distinctive about Practical Theology and the range of ways in which they can work with the material in a practical way in day to day life. Starting with how we experience God, practical theology examines the relationship between experience and biblical, systematic and historical theology.
Students will develop an understanding of how practical theology informs our day to day discipleship and spirituality

Intensive Course Info flyer – Download Here

Who should do this course?
– People involved in aged-care services
– Ministerial roles lay or ordained
– On a pathway to chaplaincy – school or aged-care
– Those exploring a sense of call to discipleship
– Individuals who wish to develop their practical theology skills

What is an Intensive Course?
Intensive mode condenses a full semester course into five consecutive days of face to face teaching. Assessment tasks extend over the semester but the course content is taught in just one week of classes. The subject code is THL120 and is accredited in the Bachelor of Theology degree through CSU.
Practical Theology Format 
1) Face to face teaching Monday 9 – Friday 13 July at Uniting Church Port Macquarie.
2) Last date for receipt of assessments 12 October 2018

Apply for a scholarship!
THL120 Introduction to Practical Theology subject is an identified scholarship subject within UTC in 2018.  For more information about our UCA scholarships please contact Or simply download the scholarship application form here – THL120 Scholarship Form

Cost of Study
If you are choosing to undertake this study for academic credit, you may be eligible for HECS help.  If you are doing this subject for interest only, the cost is $150. Full course fees and scholarship options can be discussed with the student administration team at UTC on 02 8838 8900.

How to Apply
Call student admin today on 02 8838 8900 to discuss your interest in this subject.  Our team will assist with your application and study options.

Course objectives
Upon successful completion of this subject individuals will be able to:
– Demonstrate a coherent understanding of the discipline of practical theology
– Articulate its relationship to the biblical, systematic and historical sub-disciplines of theology
– Demonstrate an understanding of the implications of both a lay and ordained practice-based ministry and mission
– Articulate and evaluate methods for doing practical theology
– Demonstrate initial skills in reflective practice

Learning Outcomes
The subject will cover the following topics:
– The emerging field of Practical Theology: a new discipline; methodology; expanding horizons; reflective practice/practical reflection
– Varieties of Practical Theology: introducing key thinkers
– Practical theology for the church
– Practical theology for the community
– Practical theology for the world
– Engaging doctrine from practice: Case study 1
– Engaging Practice from doctrine: Case study 2

Tell me more about the course
Watch our video on Practical Theology.  Please note that this reflects the full term study and not the 5 day intensive format being offered here.

For further information and to be sent an application form please contact student admin support via or phone 02 8838 8900.