May Macleod Lecture Series

May Macleod Lecture Series

The May Macleod Lecture Series

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2020 | March 6 | Professor John Swinton – What does it mean to be normal?
– Re-imagining Disability and the Cult of Normalcy – JOIN US

The May Macleod Lecture Series have been part of the Centre for Ministry history since 1997, thanks to the generous endowment of May Macleod’s family.

Written 15 April, 1999 | The May Macleod Lecture

The May Macleod lecture is possible because of an endowment which is a gift of May Macleod’s family.  The purpose of the endowment is to present the Ministry Christ exercises through the sharing of faith and love within the family of God. It is to present the many ministries in which the people of God serve within the one ministry of Christ. It is to acknowledge , discuss and rejoice  in the ministry of those in both church and community, without whom a city cannot be established and people can neither sojourn nor live there.

May Macleod lived from 1913 to 1984 and at that time of the initial lecture Rev. Robert Macarthur offered this tribute:
“May Macleod represented within herself the tradition of Scottish presbyterianism in which she was nurtured from childhood leading her to set high standards, in particular, in the proclamation of the Word of God, the pastoral role of the minister, and the office of eldership.  She was well acquainted also with the administration of the mission of the church beyond the parish, and her expectations were associated not only with dedication but also with efficiency in management.  In making her judgments known to those called t minister in holy things she ‘spoke the truth in love’ whilst striving herself to be true to those ideas.”

Reverend Robert Macarthur paid tribute to the minstry which May shared with Malcolm and her ardent support of him throughout their life together.

Let us give thanks to God for the life of May Macleod and for the gift of lectureship to the ministry of the church.  Let us pray:

almighty God you have built your church on the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets and given expression to its life through a great company of faithful witnesses.  Grant us so to embrace and hold fast to the faith which has been handed on to s through the ages that we too, may grow into the Holy temple who lives and reigns with you ad the Hold Spirit, one God for ever and ever.
Almighty God, who gave to your servant May Macleod boldness to confess and live the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ, grant us, who remember her with thanksgiving, to be faithful to you in our witness day by day and at the last to receive with her the crown of life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
We recall and remember with thanksgiving the life shared with May Macleod, her life in the family, her life in the community and in the church and her ministry to us all.  We,  who are gathered here tonight, remember with affection and thanksgiving the Macleod family for the gift to this community and to the church – a gift of ministry which is memorial to May.  To God be the glory.  Amen

May Macleod Lectures

2020 | March 6 | Professor John Swinton – What does it mean to be normal?
– Re-imagining Disability and the Cult of Normalcy – JOIN US

2019 | June 27 | Professor David Clough – Eating More Peaceably:
The Christian Ethics of Eating Animals

2017 | November 21 | Dr Sathi Clarke – Beyond Islamophobia: Christians and Muslims in collaboration

2015 | August 26 | Francis Sullivan – Restoration for Abused Communities

2014 | August 27 | Clay Schmit – Preaching in the 21st Century

2012 | October 3 | Peter Rollins – Fullness of life on a journey to death

2011 | July 18 | Peter Privett – Supporting Childrens Spirituality

2010 | May 18 | Holly Schut – Midlife Momentum

2009 | May 12 | Ciaron O’Reilly – Faith and Resistance in a Time of Never Ending War

2008 | May 15 | Val Webb – God-imagery for a 21st Century Global Community

2007 | May 24 | Stephanie Dowrick – Who owns you, God? Questions about Interfaith explored from a Christian perspective

2006 | April 26 | Alan Rice – 140 Years in Retrospect: An update on Special Religious Education

2005 | May 19 | Robert Fitzgerald – Who’s killing Micah and his Message? Recommitting to justice, love and faith in a prosperous Australia

2004 | May 6 | Deidre Palmer – Values, virtues and civil society

2003 | May 15 | Andrew Dutney – Praying for Peace

2002 | May 23 | Lowitja O’Donoghue – Our Father’s Business: an agenda for the church in contemporary Australia

2001 | May 14 | Tim Costello – Love and Justice

2000 | Sir Ronald Wilson – The Healing of a Nation

1999 | May 12 | Dr Colin Gibson – Laughter in the presence of God

1998 | May 7 | Ms Francis Brienen – mission in Bold Humanity – Sharing in God’s Mission Today

1997 | May 4 | Reverend Dr Lois Wilson – Remembered Visions

1996 | May 9 | Rt Reverend Richard Randerson – Will human community survive economic rationalism?

1995 | May 4 | Reverend Dr Denham Grierson – A new path to the Waterfall

1994 | May 5 |Reverend Dr David Greenhaw – Disappointment and hope at the edge of the promised land

1993 | May 6 | Reverend Cynthia Winton-Henry with Phil Porter – Christ’s body; our body: The Art and Danger of Being Incarnate

1992 | May 7 | Dr Ian Gilman – East from the Jordan – Christians in Asia before Vasco da Gama

1991 | May 9 | Ms Sheila Rudofsky – Challenging Times

1990 | May 17 | Professor Jame Torrence – The Ministry of reconciliation, Sectaranism and Civil Religion

1989 | May 18 | Ms Janet Wood – A platypus Pentecost: Unity and Diversity in the Australian Churches

1998 | April 14 | Dr Robert Banks – Bringing Theology Down to Earth

1987 | May 5 | Reverend Professor John Mcintyre – The Shape of Ministry