Post Grad News July 2016

Research Colloquium – Dates for 2016

15 July: Ben Myers, John Brunton, Grahame Rosolen
19 Aug: Clive Pearson, Paul Porta, Kamaloni Tu’iono, Kwang Min Kim
16 Sept: Damian Palmer, Gaby Kobrossi, Brian McKinlay
7 Oct: Liz DeReland, Hee Won Chang, Michael Earl, Stephen Choi
4 Nov: Jason Kioa, Emre Cilik, Mohammad Ahmad, John Fitz-Herbert, Martin Teulan

Please remember that attendance at the Research Colloquiums is a critical component of a HDR students’ candidature and that every effort should be made to attend. Apologies should be sent to me at

Faculty of Arts and Education

For those that are not aware, CSU has recently undergone a massive restructure which has resulted in a change from 5 faculties down to 3. As of 4th July 2016, the School of Theology is now part of the Faculty of Arts and Education (previously we were in the Faculty of Arts). As you can imagine, there has been a lot of work done behind the scenes to get to this point. This includes some restructuring in the Research Office. There is now a Graduate Studies Liaison Officer who will provide support for Higher Degree by Research students within the Faculty from the point of initial enquiry to completion of candidature. They will be the first point of contact for HDR students on matters relating to their candidature and will be working to ensure that they have a rich student experience within a supportive and cohesive training environment. The Graduate Studies Liaison Officer for Arts and Education is Leanne Phillips and she is based at the Albury campus. The email for Leanne is

Workshops from the Research Office

To register for any of these online workshops, please go to the Research Office website which can be found here:

Date Mode Session Details & Registration Target Group
19th Jul 2016 Online EndNote for Mac All CSU researchers, including HDR Candidates and research support staff members
21st Jul 2016 Online EndNote for Windows All CSU researchers, including HDR Candidates and research support staff members
27th Jul 2016 Online What’s New in Endnote All CSU researchers, including HDR Candidates and research support staff members
2nd Aug 2016 Online Introduction to Qualitative Research All CSU researchers, including HDR Candidates and research support staff members
11th Aug 2016 Online HDR Candidate Welcome & Induction HDR Candidates & their Supervisors
16th Aug 2016 Online Using Library Databases All CSU researchers, including HDR Candidates and research support staff members
23rd Aug 2016 Online Hugh Kearns Workshops 1& 2 All CSU researchers, including HDR Candidates and research support staff members
QndA – University of Notre Dame
The role of religion in the public square, ISIS and religious violence, Islam and religious freedom, recent national and international elections, the same-sex marriage debate, and the sexualisation of women and sex trafficking.

These topics and more at QndA next Wednesday evening at 7pm, July 20, with an all-star panel on Votes, Violence, and Values.

For more information about QndA and to watch previous QndA events, please visit our website:

Civil Society Australia July 2016 Symposium

The Angliss Conference Centre, Melbourne CBD
25-26 July 2016

Call for Papers and Presentations
“The civilisation of the West is built on highly specific religious foundations, and if we lose them we will lose much that makes life gracious, free and humane. We will, I believe, be unable to sustain the concept of human dignity. We will lose a certain kind of politics, the politics of the common good. We will find ourselves unable to hold on to a shared morality – and morality must be shared if it is to do what it has always done and bind us together into communities of shared principle and value. Marriage, deconsecrated, will crumble and children will suffer. And we will find it impossible to confer meaning on human life as a whole. The best we will be able to do is see our lives as a personal project, a private oasis in a desert of meaninglessness.” Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, The Great Partnership, 2011.

This Symposium on 25-26 July will consider Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ contention, and explore its implications for faith communities, civil society and public policy in Australia, and the quest for the Common Good.

Papers, workshops, displays and proposals are invited for this Symposium. Abstracts of no more than 300 words should be submitted by 17 July 2016 on topics including but not restricted to:

  • Faith traditions, secularism and public policy
  • Civil society and state in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
  • Community and mutuality in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
  • Multiculturalism and its limits
  • Framing the Common Good
  • Enclaves, communities-within-communities, and the Common Good
  • Inclusive settlements on euthanasia and abortion
  • Understandings of marriage, parenthood and the formation of children
  • Schools, gender and sexuality, and moral formation
  • Rights, obligations and responsibilities in civil society and public policy
  • Citizenship and the crisis of democracy
  • Culture, counter-culture and inclusion
  • Alliances of faith traditions and social movements

To submit an expression of interest in offering a presentation, please visit this site:

To register for the conference, please visit this website:

Australian Centre for Wesleyan Research Conference

Nazarene Theological College, Brisbane
12-13 August, 2016

Call for Papers
This year’s theme is ‘Wesleyans at Worship’ and the keynote speaker will be the Rev Emeritus Professor Robert W. Gribben. The ACWR welcomes scholarly papers from all disciplines on the chosen theme, including theological, biblical, historical, and social scientific approaches. Papers from outside of the chosen theme which fit within the interests of the ACWR are also welcomed. Please forward an abstract of no more than 300 words to the Secretary of the ACWR – register for the Conference please visit the ACWR website –

Exclusion and Embrace: Disability, Justice and Spirituality

August 21-23, 2016

This multi-faith Australasian Conference will be of interest to people with disabilities, parents, carers, academics, staff and volunteers. We will draw on personal stories and the wisdom and knowledge of all faiths, and will deepen our understanding of the many aspects of disability and spirituality.

For further information and to register, please visit

Abraham Conference

August 21, 2016

This year’s Annual Abraham Conference will be held on Sunday 21 August 2.30-6pm at Parramatta Mission Fellowship Centre, 119 Macquarie Street, Parramatta. The topic is Hate Speech and Violence. The keynote speaker is Rabbi Dr Ben Elton from the Great Synagogue and there would be a panel consisting of six members, two each from Jewish, Christian and Muslim backgrounds and QA style discussion.

Cost: $20 adults, $10 conc. Supported by the Columban Mission Institute. Details: search for Facebook Event Abraham Conference. Register by 11 August at: Inquiries:

Harvest Research Conference

August 25-26, 2016
Promoting practical theology to equip leaders who are actively engaged in Christian ministry.

The annual research conference of Harvest has been running since 2012, with the goal of stimulating research within and beyond the College and giving faculty, students and visitors a place to present the results of their research into ministry areas. We’ve investigated themes such as “Redefining Christian Ministry for 21st Century Contexts” (2012), “Multiple Perspectives on Ministry” (2013), “Cultural Perspectives on Ministry” (2014) and “Church and Ministry: a Contemporary Voice” (2015) and many of the papers were reshaped for journals and even a book.

With this purpose in mind, we launched our Journal of Contemporary Ministry in 2015 to provide an extra, more permanent, record of the research presented at the conference as well as research from “outside.”

This year we are discussing “Can Theology be Practical?”

For conference registration, please visit this link:

2016 Theology and Philosophy Post Grad Research Conference

ACU, Strathfiled Campus, Sydney
October 31, 2016

Now in its seventh year, this conference is a collaborative project sponsored by Australian Catholic University, Australian College of Theology, Avondale College of Higher Education, Charles Sturt University, University of Divinity and Sydney College of Divinity. The conference will bring together postgraduate students researching in Theology and Philosophy from across the Higher Education sector in order to promote the place of those disciplines in Australian research.
Call for Papers
Topics are invited across all relevant discipline areas (e.g. Biblical Studies; Ministry; Philosophy; Practical; Systematic). When submitting a proposal please include the following: a 100 word outline of the paper, your name, the institution at which you are studying, your contact details and the campus at which you intend to present your paper. Papers will be 20 minutes in duration.

Please send all proposals as a word document to Rev Dr Graeme Chatfield:

Positions Vacant

National Principal/CEO
Laidlaw College is one of New Zealand’s most well-known theological institutes. Our study pathways include bachelor degrees in theology, counselling and education, a certificate programme and postgraduate opportunities. Our campuses are in Henderson, Manukau and Christchurch, and we also offer distance learning programmes.

This role commences in January 2017.

Expressions of Interest close Friday 29 July 2016 and interviews will be held towards the end of August for shortlisted candidates.

Queries and applications (complete with a covering letter and CV) can be emailed to: Tracey McDowall, HR Consultant, Laidlaw College Phone +64 21 043 4829 Email

For a position description, please visit:

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