Jeffrey W. Aernie

BA, MDiv, PhD
Lecturer in New Testament Studies
Phone: 02 8838 8930

Jeff Aernie hails originally from the United States and completed his PhD at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland) on Paul’s prophetic persona in 2 Corinthians. Prior to his research in the United Kingdom he studied theology at Wheaton College (USA) and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (USA). Jeff is particularly interested in the intersection between the study of the New Testament and the life of Christian discipleship.

He is a member of the Evangelical Theology Society, the Institute for Biblical Research, and the Society of Biblical Literature. His current research is focused on Paul’s letters and theology (especially the Corinthian correspondence), the theme of discipleship in the Gospel of Mark, and Greek linguistics (particularly the exegetical implications of verbal aspect theory).

Twitter: @jeffaernie


Is Paul Also Among The Prophets


Is Paul also among the Prophets? An Examination of the Relationship between Paul and the Old Testament Prophetic Tradition in 2 Corinthians. Library of New Testament Studies 467. London: T&T Clark, 2012.

Chapters in Books

“Revealed Belief.” Pages 26–33 in I Believe in God. Edited by William M. Emilsen. North Parramatta: UTC, 2011.

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“Paul of Tarsus.” Pages 122–133 in Great Spiritual Leaders: Studies in Leadership for a Pluralist Society. Edited by Seforosa Carroll and William M. Emilsen. Canberra: Barton, 2014.

Book Reviews

Review of As It Is Written: Studying Paul’s Use of Scripture, edited by Stanley E. Porter and Christopher D. Stanley. Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology 28 (2010): 93–94.

Review of Marking Thought and Talk in New Testament Greek: New Light from Linguistics on the Particles ἵνα and ὅτι, by Margaret G. Sim. Classical Review 62 (2012): 455–457.

Review of Individual and Community in Romans in Paul’s Letter to the Romans, by Ben C. Dunson.Themelios 38 (2013): 95–96.

Review of Unless Someone Shows Me: English Grammar for Students of Biblical Languages, by John A. Davies. Uniting Church Studies (2014): forthcoming.

Review of Christ Absent and Present: A Study in Pauline Christology, by Peter Orr. Themelios 39 (2014): forthcoming.