Postgrad Students

July 2020

COVID-19 continues to affect the current way in which we live, work, teach and no doubt, how you are conducting your research and writing. Please feel assured that the library, Faculty, your supervisors and the Research Office are here to support you during this time. Please stay connected with your supervisor and be in touch if you are experiencing any difficulties.

Research Colloquium Dates – Semester 2 2020

Research Colloquium dates for Semester 2 are now LIVE.

Please join us at the United Theological College/ Charles Sturt University (16 Masons Drive, North Parramatta) on the following Fridays from 1.30pm – 4pm.

During the second session the colloquium meetings will also be available by ZOOM.

Friday 7th August:

➢ Dr DJ Konz (AlphaCrucis), The Divine Coup D’etat: Karl Barth’s theology of the State and its Confrontation by the Kingdom of God.

➢ Dr Peter Walker (CSU), The Serpent in the Garden: Sin and the Anthropocene

➢ Ryan Buesnel (CSU), ‘Positive Christianity’: Theological Rationales and Legacies

Friday 4th September:

➢ Assoc. Prof Monica Melanchthon, Gender, Violence and the Dalit Psyche: The Jephthah Story Reconsidered (University of Divinity)

➢ Dr Anthony Rees (CSU), First Impressions: Reuel, Father of Zipporah

➢ Keith Hamilton (CSU), [To be confirmed]

Friday 2nd October:

➢ Assoc. Prof Sean Winter (University of Divinity), Clusivity at Corinth: Revisiting the Pauline ‘We’ in 2 Corinthians

➢ Dr Alexandra Robinson (CSU), The Power of Metaphor in Jesus’ Polemic Against the Religious Elite in Matthew 2

➢ Michael Earl (CSU), Of the Word: the Church and its Ministry in Reformed/Evangelical Perspective

Friday 6th November:

➢ Dr Ian Robinson (CSU), But why are they still Christian?

➢ Dr Michael Mawson (CSU), Living in the Midst of Death: Theological Reflections on Ageing and Technology

➢ Thomas Philip (CSU), [To be confirmed]
For more information please contact Mike Mawson