Biblical Hebrew 2

Biblical Hebrew 2

Biblical Hebrew 2 THL241 (Bachelor of Theology) and THL457 (Graduate Diploma of Theology) is being taught at United Theological College in 2019 by Anthony Rees.

This subject builds upon the content covered in Biblical Hebrew 1 to develop further proficiency in Biblical Hebrew. Grammatical, linguistic and literary elements of Biblical Hebrew are studied, and particular attention is given to the translation of extensive portions of the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible).

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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:

  • be able to read and translate complex Biblical Hebrew phrases
  • be able to demonstrate the acquisition of a substantial vocabulary of Biblical Hebrew
  • be able to demonstrate a sound grasp of the verb system and all major features of grammar and syntax
  • be able to demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics of narrative and poetic texts
  • be able to complete a critical translation of designated texts, making use of the text-critical apparatus of critical editions of the Hebrew Bible
  • demonstrate self-guided learning, including sound research, writing and communication skills


The subject will cover the following topics:

  • Vocabulary for intermediate Biblical Hebrew
  • Common complex phrase and clause structures
  • Major accents of Biblical Hebrew
  • Literary characteristics of Biblical Hebrew
  • The use of prepositions and other minor parts of speech
  • Remaining verbal conjugations and declension of uncommon weak verbs
  • Introduction to textual criticism
  • The use of print and digital resources for translation and exegesis
  • Intermediate reading and translation exercises